Kathy Huck, founder of About My Father’s Business, leads a team of outreach workers. Kathy brings food, tents and a caring smile to the encampments she visits, assisting the unhoused community in the Canoga Park and Chatsworth areas. Prayer is performed during these outreaches, however, there is no expectation placed upon the unhoused to believe. Instead, Kathy understands that it is her purpose to provide the best help she can with an open mind and heart.

Robert Frazier leads Kathy’s outreach team while carrying his dog named, Kauai in his pocket in Canoga Park on April 11, 2020.
Jennie Munoz leads Kathy Huck’s outreach team and members of Canoga Parks homeless community in prayer before giving them food and supplies in Canoga Park on April 11, 2020.